Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Vincent Family Crosses

Vincent Family Crosses
About 2 years ago my husband came across a home business making cross necklaces. It was called Disciples Cross. At the time my husband was really wanting to find something legit that we could do from home. When he found this I was sceptical, but I went along with it. I am so glad that I did :) Two years later we are still working the business and really enjoying it.
Since starting it we have turned it into our business (not just through the company we started with) We got a business name change through the county as well as an EIN # for tax purposes.
It is not a full time business for us, although I would love for it to be at some point in time. We all work together to make the crosses and we usually have a lot of fun in the process. Michael is in charge of bending the nails, I usually wrap the wire and the kids help with putting the cords on.
There is some symbolism behind the crosses and the material used to make them.
The Disciples Cross is made up of four nails to symbolize the nails used to crucify our Saviour. It is also composed of a leather cord to represent the whip that was used to whip the King. The colored wire is meant to symbolize the crown of thorns that was placed on the Lord's head.
We make them in different colors

And different styles

We have added a lot to our crosses compared to the basic solid color cross that we first started out with.


We not only make necklaces, but we can also make keychains & zipper pulls.
We charge $10 each and if you order one you are able to choose the color(s) and style that you want!

The Christmas season is our busiest time of year! They make great gifts and stocking stuffers so we usually do good this time of year with them. The other good time of year for us in Easter. The rest of the year is really hit or miss for us.

We have actually talked with certain stores/shops and they sell some of our crosses in their stores for us :) We also set up tables at craft shows & different bazzars. I actually have one coming up in a couple of weeks :)
In time I would LOVE for this to be an full time, all year long business, but for now I am happy with the customer base that we have. I am trusting that God will use this to His glory and it will flourish when He wants it to :)
We do have a Facebook page that you can "like". I post pictures and promotions on there from time to time.
If you would like to place an order please get in touch with me on Facebook or you can email me at

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