Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful Virginia

There was a time in my life when I said I would never move away from Florida.

Honestly, I am not even sure why...... I HATE the sun, I HATE the heat, I HATE the humidity, I HATE hurricane season, I HATE all the tourists.... I think you get the point. What about the beach, you ask??? You lived by the beach!! You must have loved living only 20 minutes from the beach! Ummmm, nope, I don't care much for the beach either. All the beach is a place for me to get sun burnt like a lobster, sand in my bathing suit, stung by jelly fish or if I forget to do the stingray shuffle then I get the pleasure of stepping on a sting ray. Sounds like a blast. NOT!! I will take a pool over the beach ANY DAY of the week! BUT it was where I grew up! I lived there for about 26 years of my life. How could I possible be happy somewhere else??

Then, in 2007 God called me away from Florida. The day I thought would never happen!! I moved up to NC and lived there for a few months. I met my husband and moved up to Illinois where he was from. Then, 2 years ago we moved to Virginia where we currently reside.

I LOVE IT!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
Did I mention how much I LOVE it here?!?!

This picture was taken from my back deck!
There are days that I have little clouds in my back yard because we are so high up! TOTALLY AWESOME!!

I see God's art work everyday here!!

I LOVE the mountains!! They are the most beautiful things I have ever seen!
(this picture is from my neighbors house)

I LOVE the weather here! It is not too hot and it is not too cold.
No hurricanes to worry about :)

I LOVE that there are actually 4 season of the year! Not just, warm, hot, hotter and almost hell hot!
Fall has become my favorite season :) I LOVE the color changing leaves.
The yellow, orange, brown and red leaves are SO BEAUTIFUL!! I never experienced real fall in Florida. Our palm trees stay green all year

This was taken at a view spot on the side of the highway. They have these spots in different areas on the sides of the road because the view from certain spots are simply breath taking!

I never planned on leaving Florida, but it happened, so I don't want to say that I will never move away from Virginia. BUT if I have my way I will never leave this area. I LOVE it SO much!!

If you ever get a chance to visit Virginia, DO IT!! It is so beautiful! I would suggest visiting in the fall :)

BTW- My house is always open for my friends to come stay, just invite yourself over :)

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