Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Yesterday, I posted a picture on my Facebook page that started a debate between two of my friends.
Here is the picture that I posted.
Now, here is MY position on it. I was going to post on my FB page last night, but honestly I have a LOT to say so I figured that a blog was needed.
This is an unborn child.....
 I don't care if he/she is 4 weeks old or 37 1/2 weeks old like in this picture. It IS A BABY! Period, end of discussion.

2 weeks later I had this.....
Anyone who tries to tell me that a baby isn't a baby until it is born will hear a bunch of crap from me. Just because you can't see it and just because it isn't breathing air doesn't mean that it is not a baby. This baby had to be a 4 week old gestation baby at some point in time in order for it to be a baby like this. It is not like when I was 6 months pregnant the baby didn't look like this... It had a heartbeat, arms, legs....everything that you and I do, you just can't see it without special equipment.
Now, my friend didn't take the position of it not being a baby. Which I was very happy about. What she did say was that abortion is offensive to me because I am a Christian. Well, I am not offended by abortion. Let's get that out there. Offending me would be to tell me that my kids are stupid, that my husband is lazy or that I am a bad mother. Now those are things that I would be offended by.  Abortion doesn't offend me. Abortion is just wrong..... It is murder. The fact that I am a Christian does not play any roll in this. Yes, God says it is wrong, He formed that baby inside of his/her mother (even if she doesn't think so). I have only been a Christian for 5 years and this was wrong in my eyes LONG before I became a Christian.
Why? Why do I feel so strongly that it is wrong? Because to me it is murder. Period, end of discussion. It is a life. I don't think that people should ever be ok with one person taking another persons life. People are shocked and dismayed when someone goes into a school and shoots people. People will say afterwards, "Oh, those poor innocent people, this is such a tragedy!" Yes, it is! They didn't have any say in whether or not they were gong to live or die by the hand of this crazy person who had their mind set on killing another person. Likewise with an unborn baby. This baby doesn't have any say in what happens to him/her by the hand of another. How is this any different? I don't understand how people can see it as anything less than murder!
This baby did not choose for you to go off and spread your legs and then decide....Oh well, I don't want a baby! Then keep your legs closed!!! Anytime two people have sex there is always a possibility of pregnancy. Don't have sex if you are not willing to have a baby!! Then people will say, "What about rape?" The woman didn't ask to have sex. You are right. They didn't. Now, this is where my Christianity will kick in and say, "What satan intended for evil, God will use for good."
Adoption is always an option. If it wasn't for some woman choosing life some of my friends wouldn't be parents. I have a handful of friends who have adopted, including my in-laws. For those of you who don't know, Michael has 3 adopted siblings (triplets). I can't imagine Michael's family without them in it! I also can't imagine some of my wonderful friends lives if it wasn't for adoption. They would have never had the chance to be parents if it wasn't for women choosing life and then adoption. I know my friend has said something about what would happen to all of these babies if they weren't aborted. No one would adopt them.... Wrong! I know a LOT of people who would adopt (including us) if it wasn't so hard and expensive to do.
My friend's argument was that a woman should have the right to do whatever she wants to do with her body. Well, it isn't her body she is doing something to. It is someone else's body that they are doing something to. Yes, this baby may inhabit someone else's body, but it is still not their body. Last time I checked your body doesn't have 2 heartbeats, 2 brains, 4 arms, etc...... Nope, sure doesn't. To me that shows that this is not just your body. She said that if her 16 year old daughter came to her pregnant and wanted an abortion then she would take her to have it done, because it is her body therefore her decision......... Hmmmm..... So, does that mean that if your 16 year old daughter came to you and said she decided she was going to be a prostitute at the age of 16 that would be ok? I mean it is her body right? She can do that if she wants? I really hope that my friend would not be ok with her daughter being a prostitute, but maybe to prove me wrong she would, who knows ;)
She also stated that she wouldn't personally get an abortion, and I do believe that. She then said why should she care what Sally down the street does with her body. Well, she most certainly should care what Sally down the street does with her body. What if Sally down the street is caring the cure for cancer in her womb or a future president of the United States? What if Steve Jobs' (Apple founder) mother had decided to go forward with an abortion instead of deciding to give him up for adoption?? Look at how much impact that one person has had on this country!! Because of that ONE person who could have easily been aborted.....His biological parents were unwed college kids and her mother (Steve's maternal grandmother) did not approve of their relationship. Instead of abortion she chose life for her son. He was adopted and left a HUGE mark on the world. Because of that one person THOUSANDS of people have jobs. Because of that one man thousands of people have technology to make their lives easier. See, every life has a purpose. No one knows who that baby that is being aborted may turn out to be.
What if out of all of the babies that have been aborted there were just 10 babies like Walt Disney or the founder of Wal-Mart. There would be hundreds of thousands of more jobs in this country. So it most certainly should matter to you what Sally down the street does with her body. Because what she does with her body may possibly be killing off the baby that will have the cure for diabetes or may create thousands of jobs for this crap hole of an economy we live in...... You don't know.
Because of this debate I have spent the past 2 days just thinking about life and how sacred it is. I know that there will always be people like my friend who believe that abortion is ok. And that if it was illegal people would still find other ways to do it.....blah, blah, blah..... But the fact is that it is murder whether you want to tell yourself that or not.
I really feel strongly on this issue and again it has nothing to do with my faith, but my morals. I don't need to be a Christian to know the difference  between right and wrong. Yes, being a Christian helps me to see things clearer, but it is not my only reason for why I feel the way that I do about this issue. I have a lot more that I could say, but I am ready for bed :)......good night!!! 
*I want it noted that this friend that I am referring to I consider a very close friend and I care a lot about her. She is NOT a bad person and I am not saying that she is because she thinks abortion is ok. We just have vastly different views on this subject (and just about every other subject that we encounter) But I love her like family. Just because people don't share the same thoughts or values as you doesn't make them bad people or people you can not be friends with!!!

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