Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rainbow cake

Last month was Gabby's 10th birthday and I asked her what kind of cake she wanted. Her answer, a rainbow cake.
I can do that!! I was actually excited because I remembered pinning something from Pinterest where the inside of the cake looked like a rainbow. Off to Pinterest I went..... Only to discover that my pin didn't lead to anywhere except a picture. No directions what-so-ever on how to make it.
Luckily for Gabby I am good in the kitchen and I am fully capable of figuring it out all by myself.
First, Get a box of white or vanilla cake mix.
(I made my own, but I was not overly impressed with the flavor so I am going to leave that recipe out until I find one that I am happy with!)
Mix it together like the back of the box says.
(If you want your boxed cake to taste better use milk instead of water, butter instead of oil and add one more egg than the recipe calls for.)

Divide your mix up into different bowls. I wanted 5 different colors in my cake, so I used 5 bowls. Use as many or as little colors as your little heart wants to use :)

Get some icing colors

Add it to your cake mix

Stir it up

Here are the 5 colors I chose to use.

Now, you need to make your pans non-stick.
You don't want your cake to get stuck to the pan!!

Cover the pans in shortening.

Next, sprinkle flour all around.
Time to add your cake mix :) 
Add the color that you want on the outside ring first. Then, the next color that you want in your ring you need to pour right into the middle of the pan.
(Now, if I would have been using my brain that day I would not have put yellow and blue next to each other. Remember back to kindergarten??? Yellow+Blue=Green. Try to remember that kind of stuff when you decide what colors to pout next to each other!!)
Continue to add the rest of your colors.
Pour each color into the middle of the cake. It spreads itself out :)
Here are all of my colors.
Pop cakes into oven and bake according to the directions.

Pull out cakes and let cool completely.

Cut off the top dome part so that your cake is flat when you go to ice it.

I decorated her cake to keep with the rainbow theme.
Here is my sky and grass.

I used rainbow twizzlers around the bottom, skittles for the flowers and a rainbow sour candy thing for the rainbow. (Yes, they have an actual name, but I can't remember what they are called right now!!)
She loved it :)

The inside looked really cool when it was cut into!


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