Friday, November 16, 2012

Gabby's new do

I always give haircuts to everyone in my family, Michael, ALL the girls and Carson. Going to a salon seems silly since I seem to do a better job than most of the people whom I would pay........ Plus, why would I want to spend all of that money when I am capable of doing it?!?
BUT..... This year for little Miss Gabriella's birthday I gave her a coupon in her scavenger hunt for a trip to the salon. I figured that she would really enjoy it, and I was right. She was very excited about her coupon and had a certain haircut that she wanted to try that I didn't really comfortable doing.
Well, today I finally decided that she could go ahead and get it done :)
She was very excited!
Gabby turned 10 this year and this was her first trip ever to the salon :)
The style that she wanted was long in the front to short in the back.
Here is another reason why we don't frequent the salon...... See the joy on their faces......
Getting closer..... The lady wasn't cutting it short enough in the back. I think I had to tell her 3 different times to make it shorter. Again, this is why I don't usually pay for hair cuts.

Ok, I got tired of hearing him cry and I went and bought him a lolly pop to quiet him..... yeah, I did.... Don't judge

 *IF I had a brain in my head I would NOT have done this by myself and 6 kids. I also probably wouldn't have chosen nap time to do it at. Good thing I don't have a brain. Maybe it will return tomorrow?!?!
$14 later
Finished Product

Side view

Now that I have something to go off of, I can probably do it myself from now on if she decides to keep that style. We will see.

Vanessa insisted on taking a picture with her :)
*That is a little girl in need of a hair brush!!
For the fun of it, here is about how much I would spend on hair cuts every year if I had to pay for haircuts for my family.
Michael- $260 (Haircut every 2 weeks)
Carson-$364 (Haircut every 2 weeks)
The girls-$60-75 each (Haircut 4 times a year)
People always ask me how I can afford to have so many kids. I just saved myself almost $1000 a year by cutting everyones hair :) I guess that is one way I do it.

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