Monday, November 12, 2012

My birthday weekend

This past Saturday was my 32nd birthday :) About a month ago my husband asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I told him that I wanted him to decide. My thinking was that if I didn't have anything planned then I couldn't get upset if something didn't turn out how I planned it in my head! The majority of the time when I get excited about wanting something it turns out horrible! This year I wanted a good birthday, not a sucky one. If I left everything up to him to decide then I couldn't be disappointed by not getting to do something I had planned.....Good thinking, right??

Well, Michael did more than I ever expected! He went above and beyond! I am extremely proud of him!! He put a lot of time into planning out things and being very secretive so I wouldn't know what he was doing. I loved it! For the first time in my adulthood I was excited for my birthday to come around!!
His parents came into town on Thursday night and I am eternally grateful! If it wasn't for them this weekend would have not turned out the way that it did :)
Friday night, Michael took me downtown to a shop that does customized bra fittings. This store also sells Bare Minerals makeup. The lady that owns the shopped help fit me for a good bra (I bought 2) and then she did a little mini-makeover on me. I have never tried Bare Minerals and I was more than willing to be a mini-makeover guinea pig. I ended up buying some mascara , which I really needed! I also made a wish list of things that I would like to buy from her and I will go in a little at a time and buy the makeup off of my wish list as our budget allows :) 
After that Michael told me that we were gong home and we were going to run inside the house real quick to pack an overnight bag. He said he was taking me to a hotel for the night. When we went inside the house there were decorations all up. I was standing there saying, "Awe, look at all of this, how sweet....." When a bunch of people jumped out of my hallway!! Michael had talked with some of my closest friends and they came over to celebrate my birthday with me :)
I was NOT expecting this at all!!
He loves me :)
My friends made dinner for me and Ann bought a chocolate cake from a lady at my church :)
Happy Birthday to me!
After everyone left Michael told me that his parents did rent us a hotel room, but that it was for Saturday night. He just used that as an excuse for me not to think anything was going on at the house.
Saturday morning I woke up and my darling husband had bought me some beautiful roses!
Then Michael and Mariela made me raspberry pancakes for breakfast! YUMMY!! Raspberry pancakes with strawberry syrup = My favorite!!! After breakfast Michael told me he had a day packed full of stuff for me :)
We left home and drove to Harrisonburg, which is about an hour away from where we live.
The first place we went when we got there was Modern Nail & Spa. He let me get my nails done and I got a pedicure also :) HEAVEN!!!! This place was honestly the nicest place I have ever gotten my nails done! The guy who did my pedicure was very good. I never once felt like he was in a hurry to get done and he made sure he did a good job! They also served wine to the customers as part of the pedicure experience. (Too bad I despise the taste of alcohol!!!) But, since I didn't want it, they gave it to Michael instead, so it all worked
Finished product
After the nails we headed over to the mall. While in the mall we shared a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, then he took me to get my hair done :)

I got it highlighted and the lady blow dried it strait for me.
I also bought some jewelry and got my ears pierced again. Mariela gave me some money and told me to pick out some earrings that I liked from her. Gabriella also gave me some money and I bought some bracelets with it :) With money that my in-laws gave me I bought a flat iron so I can straiten me hair anytime I want on my own :) This made Michael very happy! He likes the straight hair!
After a long day of pampering and shopping Michael took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant!

OUTBACK!!!!! Happy mama :)
We finished the evening off by going to a hotel to spend the night. A full night of sleep without a baby waking me up!!! BEST GIFT EVER!!! lol
A HUGE thanks again to the in-laws for watching the kids and for getting us the hotel room!!!!
The next day we went to church and we dedicated my sweet little Blake to the Lord. We chose to do it this weekend since my in-laws were here and it was special for them to be there.
Our pastor does the best baby dedication I have ever seen. It was great!
Isn't he so stinkin' cute in that outfit!!!! (Thanks Carrie!!)
We wore him out
After church we went to Applebee's for a birthday lunch with the whole family :)
What a good looking family
He is such a cutie in that outfit, I had a hard time taking it off!!!
My birthday weekend was better than anything that I could have ever planned!! I got to spend it with my friends, my family, my husband AND I got to be pampered and spoiled (Which rarely happens because I would rather do things for my kids.)

It is all thanks to this AMAZING man that I get the pleasure of calling my husband!! He really did make it perfect! Thanks babe!









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