Thursday, November 29, 2012

Best cleaner ever!!!!

Today a friend on Facebook asked about a good cleaner for her tub. She said she had used all of these different products and scrubbed like crazy and couln't get it totally clean.
Well, let me introduce you to the same magical cleaner that I told her about :) And guess what?!? Her tub is now clean!
I know a lot of you who read this already use the magical cleaner, but for those of you who don't, let me tell you a little story.
 A little over five months ago I was asked by our landlord to clean his two rental properties. His rental houses happen to be frat houses! That means 6-7 college age boys living under one roof and never cleaning for the whole 10 months out of the year that they live there!!!
I told my friend that if rubber gloves didn't exist I would not have cleaned these houses, and I am totally serious!
My landlord agreed to pay me $20 an hour to clean and he supplied me the rubber gloves, so I was up for the nastiest challenge of the year.
I had some friends tell me about the best cleaner in the world a couple of months before this and I figured that these 2 houses were going to be my test subjects. If this cleaner could clean this disgusting mess then it was going to be my new best friend and the only cleaner I would ever use.
Here are a couple of before pictures........
This is one of the shower floors.
I cleaned a total of 6 showers that ALL looked like this, 2 were actually worse.
(*I didn't think about taking before and after pictures until I was halfway done cleaning, so I didn't get as many before pics as I did after ones, sorry!)
One of the 5 lovely toilets I got to clean.
Again, the ALL looked like this!!!
So, are you grossed out yet??
Well, here are the after pictures :)



AMAZING difference!!
 BTW, I did clean the grout under this toilet with an amazing grout cleaner that will be shared another day :)
Ready for my magical recipe for this amazing cleaner?!?!?
Blue Dawn and Vinegar. Yup, that is it!
Mix equal parts of HOT vinegar and dawn. Let cool and put into a spray bottle. Voila, BEST CLEANER EVER!
Not only does it clean to a sparkle shine, but there are no harsh chemicals :)
*I use it on everything- tubs, sinks, toilets, kitchen sink, shower scum... NOTHING I have ever tried works as well as this stuff.
If it is really bad, then let it sit for a while. The showers and toilets in these pictures were spayed and left to sit for an hour or two.
It works, it isn't harsh and best of all it is SUPER cheap to make! That is the best part ;)
Now, get to cleaning!!


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  1. I read about a study done on vinegar and it cleans better than any cleaner that you can buy in the stores so that recipe makes perfect sense. It leaves no residue and its natural. I put straight vinegar in the dishwasher where the expensive rinse agent goes and it keeps your dishes from spotting. The stuff is fantastic.