Tuesday, November 13, 2012

House Party

For any of you who have never heard of House Party, I highly recommend looking them up :)
House Party is a site where you sign up to do a house party for a certain designated product. You get to choose what you want to sign up to host and then out of all of the applications they receive they choose people to host. The amount of people they choose to host a party really just depends of the product, sometimes it is 5000 people sometimes it is only 200 people.
About a month ago I signed up to host a Soda Stream party. Michael and I have been looking at the Soda Stream machines, but honestly buying one just really wasn't in the budget no matter how much I wanted it.
So guess how ecstatic I was when I got an email saying that I was chosen to host the Soda Stream party!!! (There were 1000 people chosen across the country to host a Soda Stream party)
Well, today I received my box for my party!!!

See, I am excited :)
Info letter.... Also says that when I tell about this on any social site that I am to say I got this as a promotional product. So basically I got it for free, as long as I show it off to people and host a party :)
The box came with the Soda Stream Machine

Samples of the different flavors
Plus, full size products
Yummy :)
As a host for this party I have to upload pictures (good thing I like to take pictures) Pictures of me opening the box, the party set up and of the people at the party. Then I upload them onto the House Party page. I also did a survey before I got the box and I will be required to do it after the party.
My party will be this Saturday the 17th. House Party tells you which date they want you to have the party. They like for all of the partied to be going on at the same date around the country.
Pretty easy way to get some nice free stuff if you ask me! Have friends over to hang out and show off something, sounds good! The box also comes with party favors, cups, plates, pop corn and a $20 mail in rebate for anyone at my party who wants one after they try it.
If you have never heard of House Party and you are interested in signing up it is pretty simple. Just go to www.houseparty.com and you can sign up there. Like I said they have lots of different types of parties from salad dressings to movie projectors. There is no guarantee that you will be chosen, but it never hurts to try :)

*This is one of those times when I felt that God does care about my wants not just by needs and chose to bless me with this :)

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