Monday, May 12, 2014

Exactly what they need!

It is VERY rare that I ever want to go to a movie theater to see a movie, but there is a movie out called, 'Moms Night Out' that I was interested in seeing.

My husband being the wonderful man that he is took me to see that movie on Saturday night! Luckily, we weren't seeing a movie that he picked out because he fell asleep during the first preview!!! 

Oh well.......

This movie really spoke to my heart. If you have not seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I have a question for you........
How many days a week do you feel like you are failing as a mother?

Personally, I have moments each and everyday where I question myself and my abilities to do this whole ":mom" thing. I constantly question if what I am doing is right. 

Why wont he listen to me?
Are my kids going to grow up hating me? 
Are they going to be smart enough?
Can I really give this many kids everything that they need?
Do they know how much I love them?
Are they going to love God?
Can I really teach them how to survive in this screwed up world that we live in?

Every night as I lay in bed something that happened throughout the day will come to my head. 
I will think to myself.......
I wish I would have handled that situation differently. I wish I would have played more with someone.
Should I have disciplined them differently? Why did I get mad over that?? Whatever it is, there is ALWAYS something that I question about myself.

As moms we also like to compare ourselves to other moms. 

She cooks better than me. 
She is more crafty than I am. 
She never yells at her kids. 
She is always wearing makeup and has perfect hair. 
She makes everything from scratch and doesn't feed her kids Burger king.

Whatever it is, I know that you have done it! You have compared your parenting ability to someone else. You have thought that you are screwing up your child. 
You have questioned your ability to be the good mom that your kids need.

Admit it........

Well, I want to tell you that you are the PERFECT parent for your child! 

God made all of us differently. He made all of our kids differently. What my kid needs, yours may not. Your strengths are just right for the children that He gave to YOU, not me. 

If He thought that I could do a better job then He would have given me your child, But He didn't. 
He gave them to you because you are the ONLY person who can give your child what they need. How you teach them and how you shape them is going to turn them into who they are going to be. The exact person that God created them to be. If God would have given me your child then that child wouldn't be who He wants them to be.

Your job as a mom is THE most important job in the world. You are not totally screwing up your kid! You are doing things right! You may not be the mom that your best friend is and that is ok!!!! You are exactly who you need to be for your kid and that is what matters! No one else can give them what they need.

When that child looks up at you and says I love you, mom, know with your whole heart that you ARE doing something right!!! You are EXACTLY what that sweet little face needs :) 

The movie touched on that and really made me think.
  By the end I had tears in my eyes as I thought about my own wonderful children and how being their mom really is the best thing in the world. 
There is nothing in this world I love more than being a mom and I know that even on my bad days, I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! 

From here on out I am going to stop thinking that I am not good enough! If I messed up, I will work on making things right and not dwell on it. I am no longer going to listen to the voice that says I am screwing up my kids ;) 

I want to encourage you to do the same!!!!