Monday, November 19, 2012


Yesterday was a wonderful day :)
It started out with this....

Carson dropped his donut on the floor

and Blake found it!
I think he liked it!! SO CUTE!!!
I don't really give him table food yet so this was a big surprise for him :)
We went to church and then after church we went to eat lunch at our wonderful friend's house.
But, the real fun came after lunch. Our friends have been telling us that they wanted to take us to a place called Boxerwood to let the kids play. We are not from the area and had no clue what it was, but apparently it is a great place for kids. So after lunch our family and the O'Mahony family went to Boxerwood.
Come on mommy!!!
Boxerwood is a play area made out of trees!!
Now, the rules for Boxerwood.....
Sounds like good rules to me!

Carrie & Micaiah

They have a mud kitchen that the kids had a BLAST playing with!!!
More people should learn this lesson! lol
This place was a dream come true for Mr. Carson!!

He was allowed to climb on ANYTHING he wanted!

He got to play with daddy!

He wanted Michael to go up and down this fort with him about 7 different times :)
He kept saying, "Come on, daddy!" Over and over..... up & down.....

This is my all time favorite picture!

Climb and climb and climb and no one yelling at him to get down!!
This was the BEST place ever for a little boy with WAY to much energy :)
Then there was this thing.......

I think it was enjoyable and painful all at the same

Kay Kay bringing some more mud to the mud kitchen.

Did I mention that they had a blast in the mud kitchen???

Vanessa was on water fetching duty!

Luther and Kay on mud duty.

There was also a green house that had some BIG fish in it!

Michael and I on the throne. We let Blake hang out with us also, but no one else was allowed ;)

We have been truly blessed by this family and I pray that our friendship continues to grow!
This was our first time to Boxerwood, but I can guarantee that it will not be our last!! This was GREAT for kids, but especially Carson. If you have not been to Boxerwood I highly recommend it! If you don't live in the area, then plan a trip to come visit us :) We always have plenty of room!! *Mariela wants it noted that we only want people that we know since we don't know who all reads my blog*



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