Saturday, November 17, 2012

Soda Stream House Party

Nov 17th - Soda Stream House Party date!
 I was SO excited when I was chosen to do this House Party, and I have been anxiously awaiting for this date to arrive ever since.
Last night I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a couple of things to make a sign. (I know, I get a little to into things sometimes, but that's ok!!)
Here is my sign and the set up of the machine along with the soda flavors that I was given.
You like my sign don't you?? Admit it, I know you do :)

Gabby was ready to get her Soda Party on!
(Behind her you can see the goodie bags that I made up with the products that they sent me to hand out to everyone. Each bag had a mini frisbee, a bubble pen, magnet, post it, flyer and a $20 mail in rebate)

Total excitement from everyone

Lets see how it tastes....
Pretty good!

I gave everyone here tonight a chance to work it. It is very simple to use.... You fill the bottle with cold tap water. Then, snap the bottle into place and push down on the top to add the carbonation to the water.

They have LOTS of flavors!

We tried Cola, Lemon Lime, Lemonade, Dr Pete, Rootbeer, Fountain Mist, Diet Dr Pete, Diet Ginger Ale, and Cranberry Raspberry.
Other flavors that we didn't get to included orange, a few other diet drinks and an energy drink.

Carson liked it!!

All of my party guests

Now, the hubs had the BEST idea ever! Use the rootbeer to make rootbeer floats with some ice cream!! *I am not a big fan of rootbeer, but honestly this was probably the BEST rootbeer float I have ever tasted!!

She thinks so too :)

Overall, I am very pleased with the Soda Stream machine. It is easy to use and fun too! Each bottle of flavor makes 12 liters of soda. I like that it is one small bottle and not 12 liters of soda taking up space. As for taste, it is a little different, but everyone seemed to like it. One person said that the taste wasn't as sharp. Another one who is a HUGE Mountain Dew fan said that the Fountain Mist wasn't as good as the real thing, but was definitely better than any store generic brand. 
It sounds like there may be a couple of other people from my party interested in purchasing one as well, so I guess House Party does work :)
The Soda Stream Machine does get my approval and I am very glad that I was chosen to host this party! Hopefully, there will be more good House Parties in my future.
Now, time for bed!!!
*This was a promotional product for me. I was given the machine for free to be used at a house party and show it off. The reviews of this product are 100% mine and my party guests opinions of the product. I was not told to blog or say positive things about this product in order to receive it. 

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