Saturday, September 15, 2012

Toddler bed transformation

It was time for my 3 youngest to move up to the next size bed. I hate it that they get bigger :'( Why can't they just stay little forever???
That meant that Vanessa needed to move from a toddler bed up to a twin bed. Carson was moving out of his crib and into a toddler bed. And my little Blake needed to move out of his bassinet and into a crib....STOP growing!!! LOL
Well, I had a twin bed ready for Vanessa and Blake was getting Carson's crib, but I didn't have a toddler bed for Carson. The toddler bed that Vanessa had was a pink Dora bed. There was no way the hubster was going to let him sleep in a pink bed. We had been looking at toddler beds for him, but I am SO tight with our money I never wanted to fork out the money to buy him one.

Then it hit me....... turn Vanessa's bed into a boy bed that the hubs would be ok with :) Well, that would be easy, all I needed was some spray paint.
Off to Wal-Mart I went. I bought 2 cans of blue spray paint. I think they were $1.98 each.
I unscrewed the bed and took it apart so that I could paint the plastic parts. The main frame of the bed was yellow so that could stay the way it was, I didn't have to mess with that!
I put down cardboard and had fun spray painting away :) A couple of hours later........
A boy bed!!


The best part- It only cost me $4!!! Woohoo!!

His first night in his big boy bed!!!
( Do you like his Dora pillow?? HAHA! I have a crazy amount of girl linens. I need to start stocking up on some boy ones!)


  1. Has the paint chipped at all?

  2. Has the painted chipped at all?