Sunday, September 2, 2012

How it all works together

I have spent the past couple of days telling you about my schedule, chores and jobs. Now, I need to tell you how I put it all together to make it flow :)
 First, all 3 of the older girls and myself have a "master" list that I made. This lists everything that they need to make sure they do during the day.
This is Makayla's list - the other girls are pretty much the same.
(We don't do school on Monday's because they all have piano lessons.)
The thing at the very bottom of the list is what jobs are available that day. In this case, outside is what gets done on Mondays.

When they flip the chart over, the back side will list the jobs available that day.
This is important!
In order to keep my sanity and order in the house the girls are only allowed to do certain jobs on certain days. If they don't do them that day, then I do them and they don't get paid. I do not allow them to do different rooms on different days. This just makes my life easier. I know what room gets done on what day and it runs better when we just focus our energy on only one room a day. If I were to focus on every room everyday, I would go crazy! (Actually, I was crazy before I started doing this!)

 These are Wednesday jobs, bathroom.
I love doing it like this because I know that every room gets a deep clean once a week :)
Tuesday-Dinning Room
Thursday-Living Room
 The daily schedule- Monday-Friday
It runs like a well oiled machine around here every morning!
The kids wake up and I have breakfast ready. We eat and then do chores/jobs. Everyone is usually done with their chores/jobs by 10-10:30. After that they practice piano, read and exercise :)
We take a break for a little bit while I make lunch. During this time they are allowed to do whatever they want to do. They eat lunch around 12:30. After they are finished with lunch the little ones go down for a nap and I do school with the older ones.
Saturday- We do not do jobs or school so they have a lot of free play time on Saturday.
Sunday- Our day of rest and church. They don't do anything on Sunday except for help out around dinner time.

Here is a look at my weekly chart-

Pretty much the same concept as the girl's cards.
They list everything that I need to make sure I get done that day.

The most important thing about my card system is doing what the card says, AND only doing it that day! This is how I keep myself from getting overwhelmed! I tackle a couple of things everyday so by the end of the week everything has been done! I don't spend my days wondering what I am going to do because there is just too much to be done!
Honestly, I have NEVER had my house as clean and running as perfectly as it is now. This system has been a huge life/time saver! I can say proudly that you could come over to my house ANY day of the week unexpectedly and I would not be at all embarrassed to let you in the door :)
My weekly cards-
 Outside (jobs)
Do any and all shopping (remember what I said on the meal planning blog?!?)
Send cards- I am TRYING to get better at sending out Bday/Anniversary cards.
Clean animal cages
Dinning room (jobs)
I wash our sheets and the 3 little ones sheets. The girls all have one day out of the week that they do their own sheets. (I will cover our laundry system one day too.)
We clean and vacuum out the van. Once a month I take out the car seats and wash/hose them down.
Bathroom (jobs)
Living room (jobs)
Kitchen (jobs)
Cut coupons
I give haircuts to anyone who needs them.
I make any cleaners that we are running low on.
Plan menu for the week.
Make shopping list.
The point of my list is to make my life easier. I like to look at something and say to myself, "Yep, did that, now what?" 
Also, it eliminates me needing to stop doing something that I am doing to go do something else. Example- I am not in the middle of doing laundry only to discover that I am out of fabric softener so I need to stop the laundry and go make softener. Make sense??
I don't expect that everyone will jump into using my system. It took me 11 years to find a system that works and stick with it.Well, actually, it took me 10 years to give into the fact that I needed a system and actually submit to doing it...ha!
I hope this helps some of you regain some of your sanity too!

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