Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mommy Money

In our house we have a reward system that we use called "Mommy Money". 
I use Mommy Money to enforce good behavior/habits that we want for our kids to have.
I just laminated construction paper that I wrote mommy money on :)
Right now I am using this system to try to get the kids to think of others before themselves. Anytime they do something for me or someone else without being asked to, I give them a mommy dollar.  

Examples of some things that they have earned money for-
*Helping me put grocery bags into the van.
*Making the little ones a sandwich.
*Bringing Michael Gatorade when he is mowing the lawn.

Anything that shows me they are thinking of someone else. 

We really want our kids to think of other people first. We feel that it is a wonderful quality to have! Who doesn't like having someone do something nice for them?

This system helps them along because they like being rewarded for their good behavior. We will stick with this and do it until we feel it just becomes second nature to them . After we feel that they have mastered this we will move on to another character building quality that we will work on. 

The kids acquire money over a couple of weeks and then I will do something special for them :) This "special" night is when they get to spend their mommy money.

The last special night we had we took the kids to the drive-in to see Madagascar 3 and Brave.  While we were there I set up a concession stand in the back of the van and the kids were able to spend their money. 

They had to buy their ticket from me to see the movies and then they bought any snacks/drinks that they wanted. 

I also found some Brave sticker books at the Dollar Tree and I used them as souvenirs :)

They had SO MUCH  FUN!

Not only are we building wonderful qualities in our children, but we are also making awesome memories!

Some other things we have used a system like this for has been teaching them to say "yes/no ma'am/sir" and please/thank you.


They were ready to spend!!

I am very excited to do our next reward night :) I have an awesome idea that I know they are going to LOVE!!!!

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