Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Carson's accident

I did not get a chance to blog anything yesterday and this is why.....

He looks thrilled, doesn't he??
Sunday was my bbf's birthday and we went out to Roanoke to go to church with her. I made her a dessert I wanted to take her and Makayla had made and bought her a gift. While we were out there I wanted to buy a jumperoo off of someone on Craigslist. (The littlest one needs something to do during the day!)

We got home from Roanoke around 5:30pm and I made dinner. After dinner Michael got the jumperoo out of the van and set it up. I took the seat out of it and went to the laundry room to put it in the washing machine. Not even 30 seconds after I get in the laundry room I hear Carson screaming. Well, honestly, he is almost 2 and screams for a LOT of reasons, so I didn't think too much of it. Then, about 30 seconds later Michael brings Carson into the house with a mouth full of blood.
I asked Michael what happened and he had no clue, he had started walking down the stairs and the Carson started screaming. No one saw what happened except for Vanessa, which really that doesn't help me figure out what happened.
The best we can figure out is that Carson saw the jumperoo and it jumped out and attacked him.... No, seriously, we really don't have a clue. Maybe, he tried to climb in and fell through the hole? Did he climb up on it and fall off? Or perhaps he pushed it hard and it bounced back and hit him in the mouth.....no clue. Vanessa said he climbed on it and fell off, so we will go with that story.
I sat in the bathroom with him and tried to calm him down a bit and had him keep spitting into the sink because he was bleeding really bad. I saw he had some cuts on his bottom lip, but there was so much blood I couldn't really figure out where it was coming from. I finally got him to drink some water and I examined his mouth and noticed that his top gum was all purple and bleeding. It looked like it had a little cut in it. I took him over to the couch with an ice washcloth and put on Barney so he would just sit still and let me hold the washcloth there. One of his front teeth was very wiggly and it freaked me out pretty good.
During this time Michael called the ER to see what we should do and they told us that they wouldn't do anything for him if we took him down there. Our best bet was to try to keep him comfortable and wait until Monday morning to call the dentist so he could look at it.
This picture was taken the next morning. I was tickling him so I could try to get a picture of his gums/teeth.
Later that evening while sitting there I noticed Carson moving his chin back and forth. I knew that he was messing with his loose tooth. I looked in his mouth and when when was doing it I was able to see the top part of his tooth get pulled out of his gum when he played with it. He kept playing with it and I couldn't get it to stop bleeding because he wouldn't leave it alone!!
There is very little in this world I hate more than not being able to help my kids. He was in pain, scared and bleeding and I couldn't do anything until the next day!!!
I gave him some Tylenol and put him to bed. My thoughts were that if he is sleeping then he can;t play with the tooth! So off to bed he went.
I told Michael I was going to get Blake and we were going to sleep on the couch. I wanted to make sure that I could hear him if he started fussing at all. I also wanted to be able to check on him. I was worried he might start throwing up because of all of the blood he had swallowed. I knew he was in a lot of pain and I knew he would wake up during the night.
I was a total hysterical mess!! I felt like the worst parent on the planet!! My sweet, cute little boy fell and busted his mouth :'(
Michael kept trying to tell me it wasn't my fault, but it didn't really help. I just felt so bad! When something happens to one of my kids all that I can think about is how I could have prevented it. I am sure most of you moms are the same way.
I know that it wasn't my fault. There is no way that I could have know that my little boy would try to be an acrobat on the jumperoo (* I can make jokes now because I know stuff happens. I KNOW that I am a good parent, but accidents will happen.) He is a little boy with a LOT of energy!! He runs and jumps and plays all day long. At some point during all of this activity he will fall and get hurt. I honestly never thought that my almost 2 year old was going to hurt himself this bad though! 
During the night he woke up 3 different times crying and Michael and I comforted him back to sleep or gave him more pain meds. Between Carson and Blake this mama did not get much sleep that night.
At 8 the next morning I called my dentist. Lucky me, the ONE time my kids have a dental emergency the dentist is out of town!!!! The lady at the dentist office told me I would probably need to go into Roanoke if I couldn't wait until Wed when the dentist would be back. My older 3 kids have seen a dentist out in Roanoke so I called them to see if I could get him in there. Nope- they wont see children under the age of 3......grrrr..... They gave me the number of another dentist that should be able to see him. I call that dentist and I am informed that the pediatric dentist isn't in the office that day! Seriously, this was getting ridiculous and I was starting to cry! Why was it so difficult to get him into a dentist?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
They gave me another number of a dentist that they thought would see him at that age. I called them and FINALLY found a dentist who would see him!!!
He still had his boy spirit and it was almost impossible to get him to sit still!! Every little bump would cause him to cry and start bleeding again :(
**** Now, with all of this happening we were also having car problems!! Seriously, when it rains it pours. A cable in the van that goes from the started to the battery got so hot it melted the metal around the battery. So before we could leave for Roanoke we had to fix the van. Michael went and bought the cable, fixed it and the van still wouldn't start! I guess the starter that we replaced back in July was bad so he had to take that out and we needed to get a new starter.
We ended up taking the station wagon out to Roanoke after taking it to get a new tire. Michael only works 1.5 miles from the house so when a tire went bad a couple weeks ago, he just put the donut on it and just rides to work with the donut on. We couldn't drive out to Roanoke on the donut though, so off to buy a new tire.
We finally got out to the dentist at about 3pm. The dentist called him back as soon as we got there. He had ZERO interest in letting the dentist look in his mouth so we the pleasure of holding him down so the dentist could take a look. His mouth was actually worse off than I thought it was :(
I thought it was just the one tooth, but actually there are FOUR teeth that were hurt! The one that was really loose was fractured, meaning that the tooth itself broke apart under the gum. The one next to that one is also loose now. The dentist said that one he thinks the tooth is in tact, but the bone that is around the tooth is most likely broken, and all of the ligaments torn. The other 2 from teeth (one on each side of those 2) are also hurt. There is a lot of blood built up and they also have the torn/pulled ligaments that surround the tooth.
Now, our options of what we could do about it all.
1. We could do nothing and just see what happens. He did say that the one fractured tooth will never heal up though.
2. We could pull just the one really bad one or we could pull all four. If we just pull the one then we have to keep a close eye on the other 3
because there is a possibility that they can abscess and need to be
pulled out. If we pulled all 4 then we wouldn't have to worry about
anything getting infected and he would heal faster, but he will have
speech problems until they grow back in 4-5 years from now.
If we decided to leave any of the four in there he will not be able to bite down/chew any food for the next 4-6 weeks!! This could also be a potential problem with leaving them in. If he can't get the nutrition he need then that is a problem.
What we decided to do.
We had him pull the one that wont ever heal. We are going to watch the other 3 and see what happens. We will go back to the dentist every month for the next couple of months so they can check to make sure there are no new problems arising.
This was such a hard decision to make. I don't want him to be in pain, but I also don't want them to pull all of his teeth! We will be praying that things heal up nicely on their own, so we don't have to get any more pulled.
After we had the one pulled he seemed almost 100% better. We went to Ann's house afterwards and he was running around, playing and even eating!! (Soft stuff of course)

I never thought I would have a kid knock out a tooth, but here we are. I was worried about pulling the one, but he seems so much happier now and in a lot less pain, so I don't regret it. He is still a happy healthy little boy :) He is just missing a tooth, but it will grow back :)

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