Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Table face lift

My husband has an obsession with bringing home things that people are throwing away.
Up until recently I really disliked this wonderful quality in my husband. 
Not a very nice thing to say, I know, but it was true.

I felt like he was bringing stuff home just to drive me nuts!
He would get all excited to tell me what he found and I would say. "What now, Dear?"
Then we would proceed to have a conversation that went something like this.....

"Michael, you do understand why people throw things in the garbage. right?  
Because. it is garbage and they don't want it. Not for you to pick up!"
Then, he would defend his actions and tell me that the little kids didn't care what it looked like. They just had fun playing with whatever it was he brought home.

I wish that I could say that I won the argument, but I didn't. 
He kept bringing things home and the kids kept playing with whatever it was he brought home.

I finally decided that this was a battle I was NEVER going to win. I needed to embrace it and figure out how to make it look like these toys were not supposed to be in the garbage where they were found.

Here is one of the things that my husband brought home.
This was going to be my first go at, "operation make garbage look presentable" HA!


It is a little table :) Pretty obvious why it was thrown away. huh?

I went to Wal-Mart and bought some red and black spray paint.


It looks like a totally different table :)
I think my project was a success!!!

Vanessa thinks so too :) She love the little table!
I was very pleased with how the table turned out. I am still not 100% thrilled when Michael brings things home, but now I am looking at everything he brings home as challenge.....
Let's see what this mama has up her sleeves.

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