Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kids Jobs

Yesterday, I said that we have our kids do jobs.
 What does that mean? How are they different from chores?
Jobs are how our kids earn money. In the real world people must work in order to make money, so if our girls want money then they must work for it :) Chores we do to help out as part of being a family and jobs we do for fun spending money.
How do jobs work?

I made a "job chart" of sorts. (Pictures at bottom) It lists ALL of the jobs that I want done every week and how much each job is worth. Unlike chores, they do NOT have to do jobs. They are extra and if the kids don't do them, then I will do them.
 (Which RARELY happens! My kids want their
Again, this is teaching them and preparing them for the real world. Isn't that what being a parent is all about?
In the real world if you choose not to go to work, then, well you don't get paid. Same rules apply in my house. I NEVER force someone to do jobs. If they do them, then they get paid. If they feel they would rather play that day, then I clean and they don't get paid. Pretty simple concept, right?
Most of our jobs pay $1. There are 3 jobs that pay $2 or $3 because they are a little more involved than cleaning the bathroom mirror. If you choose to do the job system, do whatever amount of money works for your family :) I was going to do some at .50 (like the mirror), but I decided against it because of how we work our money/finances with our kids. (I will go into this on another day.)
We pay out about $40-$45 a week in job money. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot. Please, remember that we are a large family. We also have a large house- 3 1/2 bathrooms getting cleaned adds up pretty fast!

We are happy to pay our kids for doing their "work" for the week and they are happy to receive it :) Also, once you hear how we handle money with our kids you will learn that we actually save money by doing this!
A few of the jobs that they do are,
Clean Microwave
Clean dinning table chairs

Here is the "job chart" I made :)

I bought burner covers from the Dollar Tree

 Spray painted them a pretty blue

I used sticker letters to put their names on them

I also bought decorative stones at the Dollar Tree

I used my label maker for the description of the job and price.
Then, I used magnetic strips glued to the back of the stone to make them stick to the burner covers.
When one of the girls do a job they take the matching stone off of the main job list and put it on their personalized chart. At the end of the week I am able to see who do what and how much money I owe each girl :)

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