Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time to loose it!

In the last 13 years I have gained a LOT of weight.  Some of it due to 6 different pregnancies and some of it due to stress and depression.  

This was me in high school. I played varsity softball and I was extremely athletic :)

Guess what?!?
My senior year of high school I weighed 195 lbs. It really doesn't look like I am that heavy does it?!? I guess I carry my weight well! I was not known for being the fat girl (At least I don't think I was....LOL) and most people had no clue that I weighed almost 200 lbs.

My body is a bigger build, and I don't think that I am ever meant to be 150 pounds. (Even though the Wii fit seems to think that my ideal weight is 148 lbs...... yeah, when I was 12) 

Anyways, a month after I graduated high school my mom died and a month after that I went away to college.  I ended up seeing a psychologist while away at school to help me deal with my mom's death and I was also on some antidepressant drugs. The first year after graduation I gain 15 pounds. 

Fact- When Leslie is depressed,  Leslie eats......

This was me on my wedding day to my first husband at age 19. I weighed 210 lbs. 

Then, I got pregnant with Mariela.  I gained a whopping 66 lbs while I was pregnant with her!!! Thank God, that I didn't gain that much every pregnancy or I would be as big as a baby elephant right now!!!

I got pregnant with Gabby when Mariela was only six months old and gained 40 lbs that pregnancy. I don't really remember how much I gained with Makayla, but it was probably about the same.

(Sorry, I don't really have any pictures of myself from Mariela to Makayla.... I avoided the camera like the plague!!)

By the time I met Michael I weighed about 250 lbs. Here is a picture of our wedding day. 

This picture (our second, more formal wedding) I was about 8 weeks pregnant with Vanessa. 

This is me pregnant with Vanessa at 34 weeks. I think I gained 40 lbs with her too.
After having Vanessa I went though a lot of depression because of Michael and his porn addiction.  

Remember..... When Leslie is depressed,  Leslie eats!

By the time I got pregnant with Carson I weighed 280 lbs. I gained 20 lbs while I was pregnant with him, but that was all baby. When I had him the 20 lbs was gone!

In this picture I am 36 weeks pregnant with Carson.

After I had Carson, Michael lost his job and we started having financial problems.
Leslie worries =  Leslie eats. 

Carson was 9 months old when I got pregnant with Blake. I weighed in at 290 lbs when I went to my first ob apt for him. 

This is me right before I went to the hospital to have Blake.  I weighed 310 pounds by the end of my pregnancy.  Again, all 20 lbs came right off when I had him! (Having a 12 lbs 5 oz baby really helps...LOL)

Well, 2 weeks ago I decided that I was done!

Done being unhealthy and done being over weight.  

 Honestly,  it doesn't have much to do with how I look. I think that I am beautiful and I know that my husband does too :)

The fact is that I am starting to be borderline diabetic.  I had diabetes with my last 2 pregnancies and I do NOT want that for the rest of my life!

I also am tired all of the time and I hate it! I want to be able to chase my kids around and play with them without being exhausted!  Most importantly,  I want to be here in 10 years to see them grow up!

About 2 weeks ago I cut back on soda and I stopped snacking throughout my day if I wasn't hungry. I was still eating whatever I made my family to eat, but I watched my portions. In about 2 weeks I had lost 7 lbs!  

This past Sunday I got really serious with this loosing weight business. I have an online personal trainer who puts together my meals and my exercise routines for every day of the week. 

When I weighed myself this morning I weighed 279!, that is over 10 lbs that I have lost :)  I am so excited! ! I have never been more determined to loose weight than I am right now!

This is me today :)



Yes, I know that it is my fault that I am over weight and only I am to blame. 
BUT, telling everyone about my weight problem is not an easy thing to do. I am putting myself out there for everyone to judge me and talk about me,  but oh well. I WILL beat this and then you will only be able to talk about how much weight I lost and how good I look :)

Michael and I are going away for our anniversary this year and that is my incentive to keep pushing myself as hard as I can. I bought something cute to wear and I bought it too small so I have something to keep me going! LOL,  whatever works, right? I have 10 weeks from today! 

I will keep you all updated with my progress!  Failure is NOT an option! 

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  1. I'm proud of you, Leslie! You CAN do it! You have set a goal and I truly believe that you can exceed that goal, in Jesus Name! I have recently discovered that growing my determination and willpower for taking care of my body, that it has flowed over into every other aspect of my life, especially into my Christian walk. That is my prayer for you, that you find an abundant flow of determination and willpowere, through Christ, that will push through the selfish fleshly desires, and build you up in every aspect of your life. I cannot wait to you in a few months!