Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our first snow storm

All week we were hearing people talk about the snow storm that we were supposed to get Tues & Wed. (We don't watch tv, so we don't always know what is going on around here) My best friend and our landlord both texted me on Monday to make sure that I knew about the storm :) 

I went to the store on Monday and stocked up on lots of food! For those of you who don't remember, the first snow that we had this winter kept us stuck in the house for 5 days. That snow was not even a storm like they were predicting for this week. This time I made sure I stocked up!!! 5 gallons of milk, plenty of cereal, lunch meat...... we will not run out of food this time!!

I was really hoping that it wasn't going to be as bad as they predicted.  No luck there though :(


We went to bed last night around 9 and there was about 1/4 inch of snow. When we woke up at 5:30 to get Michael off to work we had no power and about 7 inches of snow on the ground.  

Needless to say, Michael didn't go to work today and it is starting to get cold in our house without power. We also don't have running water when we are without power and that is no good :(


 BUT we are still having fun and making the most out of our situation :)

Michael and the 5 oldest kids all went sledding in our backyard. 
Climbing back up the hill was the hard part!

Carson decided that he didn't need a sled :)

Vanessa doesn't look like she is having fun....

Everyone else is though :)

We now have about 11 inches of snow and it is still coming down pretty hard.

We have had a couple of tree branches fall. One fell as I was measuring the snow.


Hopefully,  our power will be back on soon, but for now we are all safe and just spending time together as a family. Sometimes it us nice to not have anything to do :) 

No power = no cleaning ;)

****update- Mariela just went outside and we are now at 13 inches!!! 

This is the first snow storm that we have ever been in! Well, Michael has been around snow storms growing up in Illinois,  but it is a first for this Florida native and her kids :)

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