Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Well, I started this blog Saturday at my daughter's bible quiz competition and I have not been able to return to finish it until now!!
A busy life this mom of 6 has :)

Any who- I still want to share our Dr. Seuss party with all of you!

The 4 girls spent the day decorating the house for our party.

 I spent the day baking and decorating a cake.


Michael came home from work and drew me some pictures that we could use as games.

I pick on him, but he is an AWESOME artist and I am very proud of him :)

The Bernard family came over to enjoy our fun filled Dr. Seuss evening with us!
Getting this many kids to all look good for the camera at the SAME time is not an easy task!!!

Here are some highlights of our fun filled night!!

The kids all made their own hats to use for the pin the hat on the cat game that Michael made.
The peekers :)


Blake wanted to play too!!

The next game that we played was a Grinch Christmas tree ball game that my wonderful hubby made :)

Go Nessa!

The littler kids LOVED this game!!!

Blake played this game by himself for about 10 minutes :)
They also played a Dr. Seuss matching game-
We ended the party with the cake :)

Eden and Carson blew out the candles!

Successful Dr. Seuss birthday party :)
Thank you, Ann & kids for joining us!!!

All of the kids (and Michael) said that they had a lot of fun this week!! I think that it is something that we may continue to do every year :)

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