Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lorax

Last night we read the Lorax to continue with our Dr. Seuss week.
Now, you probably think that I missed a night, but actually I didn't....
Wednesday night we read, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
BUT I can't get my pictures to upload :(
**I bought a new Samsung Galaxy tablet and I took pictures on it thinking it would be easier to upload the picture from that straight to my blog, but I can't get them to upload!! The blog is written and as soon as I can get the pictures uploaded I will post that blog.
On to today's post :)
Last night we read The Lorax (on my Galaxy tablet)
I was able to buy an app on my tablet instead of buying the book in the store. I liked this better :) It read it to us and made sound effects throughout the book for only $4.99. Cheaper than buying the book in the store :)
**The only thing that I didn't like about the Lorax book was that it had the words stupid and shut up in it. Both of those words are disrespectful "bad" words that are not allowed to be used in our house. I didn't like that they were in a childrens book.
After we read the book we did two crafts.
The first one we did was making Truffula trees.
We used pipe cleaners and a soft knitting yarn.
Vanessa said that hers looked like a pony :)
(*Please excuse the mess of dishes in the background. Our sink is leaking and we can't use it!!)
Michael's tree looked the best. Surprise, surprise :) 

Vanessa riding her pony (Truffula tree)
Never a dull moment in this house :)

Scary woman, good lookin' Truffula tree :)
Mariela had the genius idea to make Truffula pens!!
Smart girl she is :)
(*Makayla didn't want me to take a picture of her tree, she was having some technical difficulties)
Our second craft we made the Lorax!!!

We used paper cups and construction paper.

Vanessa had fun with this :)

My over the top husband :)
*See his face..... I was yanking his chain then too :)
He loves me!!

Give him a nose


Our Lorax family :)
Can you guess which Lorax belongs to who??
Today we will be having my best friend, Ann and her family over for our Dr. Seuss birthday party!! Tomorrow, the two older girls have Bible Quiz competition so we can't do it tomorrow :)

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