Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to plan

WOW!!! I am impressed with myself :) Four days stright I have blogged!!!


My best friend and I have talked many times about how we need to get a will in place. Well, today I finally did it!!
This was not by any means an easy thing to do. Who wants to think about dying?? On top of that who wants to think about dying and leaving their 6 kids with out a mom!!
Not me, that is for sure!! That is probably why I have procrastinated so long in doing it. I was on today setting up a LLC and I came across the link for putting together a will. I sat there and thought to myself, "There really isn't ever going to be a good time to do this, Leslie." So I pushed pass the fact that I didn't want to think about it and just did it :)
Not only did I do my will, I also filled out Michael's for him so he can finish it up when he gets home from work.
I also went ahead and did a living will. Michael will do his when he gets home tonight. Both of the forms were very easy to do and took me a little over an hour for all 3 that I filled out.
Even though it is not something that I really wanted to think about I honestly feel a lot better now that I did it. I am perfectly healthy, but you never know what can happen. I could get hit by a car tomorrow and be gone. (I really hope not, but it is a reality)
 If something happened and we didn't have a will in place and we both died then our kids would end up in foster care.... Did you know that??
That was my biggest reason for doing it. The last place that I want my kids is in foster care!! My oldest 3 would be sent back with their real dad in Florida, but my 3 little ones would be put in foster care without a will saying who is to take care of them.
I am blessed to have a wonderful friend that I can trust to raise my kids if something were to happen to me before they are out of house. (Yes, she knows that my kids are coming to her if something happens to us. She won't be shocked to see a bunch of kids to show up on her
It was also interesting to fill out a living will. There are a lot of questions that I was asked that I would have never thought about. I am honestly glad that I filled that form out too. I do not what my family to have to try to make decisions about what I would or would not want done to me when they are in an emotional state.
Michael and I both have life insurance in case something happens to either of us. Another very important thing to have if you have children. Especially if you are a stay at home mom!!
If there are any of you reading this who do not have any of these things in place...... DO IT!! Even if you don't want to ;)
I am speaking from someone who put it off for SO LONG!! I knew it was important, but I really didn't want to think about it. I honestly feel a huge burden lifted off of my shoulders because I know that if something happens then my kids are taken care of!!!
More importantly...... I never have to think about it again :O)

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