Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lala Land

Who has one of the sweetest, most amazing kids in the world???
ME!!! I DO!!!!
I want to take a minute to brag on my oldest daughter, Mariela :)

She has one of the BIGGEST hearts that I have ever seen!!!
Back in June when we first looked at this house she went home that evening and put together all of these ideas of things that she would do for her siblings in her room since she was going to have her very own room. She was SO excited! She went around the house for probably 2-3 days carrying these strips of paper around and telling me the different ideas she was going to do for "Lala Land".
Lala land is what she was going to call it :) She was going to have different themed parties in her room where they would play games and have fun.
Well, my little Miss Mariela has not disappointed!!!!
She works her butt off around the house doing different jobs so she can earn money. Then she turns around with all of her hard earned money and uses it to do something for her siblings!!!! HAPPY TEARS :)
 Last week she did $25 in jobs and then she got her first real babysitting job that was not for her siblings and earned more money. She asked me to take her to the store because she wanted to buy stuff for her party/siblings. She spent all of the money that she had saved up on them, my guess is over $50 on this party for them!!!
This party was a "Love Party". Not a Valentines Day party. See, I have taught my daughter how to shop and she waited until the day after Valentines day to go to the store when everything would be 50% off! Another proud mama moment....lol
Not only is she sweet and loving she is smart too!!! :)
Here are some pictures from her love party......
They played games

They danced

They acted silly.....
She usually has goodies to give them :)
They just have fun!!
The kids usually talk about it for quite a while after they do the party.
The first party she every did for them was a glow party.
More dancing

and silliness

And lots of fun for everyone :)

Around Christmas time she did a Christmas party.
She spent HOURS decorating this one!

They did different crafts

LOTS of crafts :)
She also had Michael and I help her with a scavenger hunt and they went around the house where she hid little gifts and hints to their next activity.

I am so incredibly blessed to have a daughter who cares so much for her siblings.
Not just her either, ALL of my kids love each other so much and it brings my heart so much joy!!!
There are times when kids are crying and I am stressed to the max that I think to myself "I am doing nothing right!!!" Then one of my kids does something for someone else in our family and I am then reminded.... Yes Leslie, You are doing lots of things right!!! 
I wish that I had an older sister in my life who would have done cool stuff like this for me when I was little. They are making memories that will last them a lifetime :)

****We do different nights like this around our house as a whole family quite a bit. I will start to share some of them with you so you can see where she got some of her inspiration from :)


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