Monday, February 25, 2013

Important papers

Just as I was getting better about blogging everyday, I fall off of the earth for
 a couple of days.
Oh well, life goes on!
For those of you who don't know, I had to go to court on Friday for my driving with a suspended license ticket. The judge DISMISSED it and all I had to do was pay the court fees :) God is so good!! I definitely felt His presence with me in the court room! No greater feeling :)
Now for today's blog, that really was going to be Friday's blog.....
On Thursday I wrote about getting my will all set up. Today I am going to show you how I keep the info my huge family right at my finger tips.

I keep a binder. That's right, just a normal 3 ring binder.
(Of course I had to throw in some of my crafty qualities and make it a little pretty.)
I have tabs for everyone and everything that is of huge importance that I need to have easily accessible. There have been many times that I need all of my family's info for different appointments that I need to go to. So instead of needing to go through 10 different files in my filing cabinet before my appointment I just keep the most important ones in my binder. That way I am able to just grab my binder and throw it in my bag. That way when they ask me for proof of income, proof of birth.... or whatever. I KNOW I will have everything that they ask me for.

  Not only that, but if something bad were to happen to me then all of our info is in one spot and people aren't trying to search through the entire house trying to find things they need.

I have a different tab for each person in my family.
What all do I put in it??
Well, Michael and I have the following things in our tabs.
Our birth certificates
Our wills
Life insurance policy
Our living wills
Michael's pay stubs
Front 2 pages of our tax return
A copy of our lease
A copy of our current credit report
 (You should get it pulled every year to make sure that it is accurate)
Each of our kids have,
Their birth certificate
Immunization records
Fingerprint records

I also have a tab for our vehicles where I keep our titles, our insurance policy and any mechanical work receipts.
I have a tab for our businesses and EIN papers, our marriage licence and my child support info.
(Lately I have been carrying around all of our court info in it as well.)

I LOVE having everything easily accessible when I need it :)


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