Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Girls and high heels

A few days ago I got to have a talk with my girls about my feelings on high heels. 

This all started one Sunday because Gabriella asked me if she could wear a pair of high heels to church.The heels are not over the top, but they are not something that I want her wearing out of the house.

Out of all of my girls, Gabby is definitely my girly girl! She LOVES to dress up and look nice! I don't think that there is anything wrong with that, but I also have to set some boundaries to help protect her.

When she asked me if she could wear them, my first thought was NO WAY! But..... I choose to teach why I think the way that I do instead of just saying no. So onward with the teaching......

I told Gabby that I would let her decide if she should wear them. I told her that the reason I didn't want her to wear them was because high heels bring attention that I don't think that she needs. I explained that when she dresses in certain clothing/shoes that there are men who might look at her the wrong way. When she wears high heels she looks older than she really is and that opens up the door for sexual predators. (This ended up turning into a long conversation about rape and abductions and stuff like that.)

In the end she decided that she did not want to wear the heels :) yay!!!! I told her that I would take her to the store and buy her a pair of pretty shoes that I feel are appropriate for someone her age. She was happy with that plan and so was I!

You see, I don't have a problem with high heels per say. If you wear high heels this is not an attack against you so please don't take it that way. I think as an adult you have the right to dress however you want.

The problem that I do have is that some heels in my opinion are a "sexy" accessory.  Not all heels, but a good amount of them are. I own 2 or 3 pairs of high heels, so again I am not totally against high heels.

The type of heels that I do have a problem with are ones that have a 4+ inch heel, or a 2 inch platform plus 4 inch heel..... you get the point.

I call these type of heels, hooker heels. When I see these on someone the first thing that comes to my mind is street corner or adult movie. (If you own some of these...... Sorry, my opinion,  you don't have to like it.)

I feel that when you wear heels like these you are wearing them to attract attention. You look very sexy in them and whether you realize it or not, people are looking at you.
Mainly men.

Now, if you are married then I feel this is highly inappropriate. Why? Because you are dressing in a way that draws attention to your body by someone who is not your husband.  That is problem #1. Another reason is because dressing that way might possibly cause another man to sin.  A married man might look at you and have lustful thoughts about you or look at other parts of your body because you are dressed that way. That is problem #2.
Your body is meant for your husband to look at and think about, not Joe Bob walking around the mall.

My biggest problem right now is that women my children are supposed to look up to dress like this. I think this contributes to why Gabby wants to dress that way and thinks it is ok. My kids know my feeling about modesty and what they are or are not allowed to wear. BUT it is very hard to tell my kids one thing and then go somewhere and have a "role model" dressed in a way that I really don't think is appropriate.

I have talked to my kids about it and we discussed that different people have different convictions, but still it is hard and something that I am really having a hard time getting past :( 

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