Thursday, August 30, 2012

My daily schedule

I had a friend text me today and ask me to blog about my daily schedule :)
Apparently, the fact that I am not of the "norm" is intriguing to her. She is curious about how I function my house and survive with 6 kids, daily! She also said, "You're way of life. Christian. Conservative. I am polar opposite. So your way of life is curious to people like me."
Wow! I feel honored that people are interested in how and what I think. I know that the way I live my life is not of the "norm" by the world's standards. Honestly, the fact that people notice that and are still interested in learning about me or being friends with me makes me feel really good inside. I don't want to be someone who fits in! I want to be me, I want to be the woman that God made me to be. Now, I know not everyone who reads this blog isn't Christian and I don't want people to not read it because of my beliefs. I am who I am, and I am proud of who I am.
I am a blessed wife and mother of 6! My blog is meant to encourage you and help you in your wife/mothering duties :) I have a LOT of life experience and I am willing and open to talking about any of it! Honestly, things that have happened to me have made me the woman that I am today. If there is ever a topic that you would like for me to touch on please feel free to message me and I will do my best to help and encourage you. We ALL struggle with things! You may think that you are the only one going through something and are at your breaking point, but trust me there are people who care and who know what you are going through. So please don't be afraid to ask about certain things because you are embarrassed. I will always keep people's name anonymous.
You can reach me at
Now, onto today's topic- My daily schedule-
Well, honestly it is not as easy at just writing it out. This is going to need to be something that I cover over the next couple of days. Why? Because, it is not just having a schedule that makes me function. It is a bunch of little things that I do that pulls everything together to run smoothly.

Today I will focus on just my basic schedule and the rest of the week I will break down what everything is. I am honestly in the process of adjusting some stuff since I just started this blog and I want to add that in to my daily schedule.

Times are approximate- I DON'T live by the clock!!

6:30-7 Wake up and have my quiet time with God
7-8 (This is when I want to start blogging)
8-8:30 I spend time snuggling and watching Barney with Carson
Then I start making breakfast. Yes, I make breakfast everyday! We don't eat cereal very often in this house.
After breakfast we do chores (I will explain chores tomorrow)
Then we do our "jobs" (I will explain jobs another day)
Then around 11:30 I start making lunch for my wonderful husband.
From 12-12:30 I go eat lunch with Michael.
When I get home I make lunch for kids.
After lunch the 3 little ones go down for a nap and the 3 older ones do school.
After that I will start dinner.
Then Michael gets home and we eat.
Kids do dinner chores.
After chores we spend the rest of the evening hanging out and relaxing.

There are times through out the day where I am feeding/changing babies. Spending time with the little ones, one on one, play time....etc It is just not this and that is it! This is all of the major stuff that gets done everyday and doesn't change (for the most part). Please, understand that it is how we do the chores and the jobs and how they are organized in this house that make it run smoothly. It is the key, and honestly it took me a long time to perfect it to where things are running as smoothly as they are now! So make sure you come back the rest of the week to see what/how I do it :) 


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