Monday, December 3, 2012

Decorate for Christmas....CHEAP :)

Just in case there may still be someone out there unaware of that little fact! This year we actually have a big house and I want to make sure it shows off my love for the Christmas season!!
It is all well and fine that I want to have a beautifully decorated house, but our budget doesn't seem to think that is a good idea..... Sooooo..... off to the Dollar Tree I went :) The budget was in agreement that I could make a trip there.
Two things became very important this Holiday season with my decorating the house from the Dollar Tree.
 1. I am semi crafty.
2. I discovered Pinterest!!
Here is what all I came up with for my Christmas decorations this year!!
(Yes, everything (almost) was purchased at the Dollar Tree)
Before I show off my decorations I would like to take a second to tell everyone that I have gotten over my anger with the Christmas tree and we finally decorated it!
I LOVE it!!!
My husband said he knew I would come around :)
There are 1200 lights on that tree and it is just gorgeous!
Now, back to my cheap decorations.
I wanted something for our front table.
I went into our yard and found some old branches and spray painted them white. (I actually bought spray paint at Wal-mart for 97 cents. The vase came from Goodwill for 55 cents) I added ornaments from the Dollar Tree and.... Ta da..... I love it, it's simple but it looks good. 
I also made this using frames, ribbon, scrap booking paper and a bow.
Again, I like it!
We have vaulted ceilings and this plant shelf area that really needed to NOT be bare! Something had to go up there.

I found some old empty boxes and wrapped them pretty and up they went.
Actually, the girls wanted to wrap them.... So this was their contribution.
I also bought the green "tree like" garland and the silver ornament garland at the Dollar Tree. It didn't get put up exactly how I wanted, but I am thankful the hubs put it up for me :)
Now, off to the kitchen. I spend most of my time in there so it needed a little something!!

Garland, ribbons and some ornaments :)
Love it!

Our loft area.....
It is amazing what some cheap garland does for looks.
I made this tree for the other living room plant shelf.
I used ornaments, a styrofoam cone and some ribbon.
This plant shelf still needs some work, but I am working on it.
Kitchen table centerpiece.
I am really happy with how it is shaping up!! I spent under $30 at the Dollar Tree and I still have lots of stuff left to figure out what to do with :)
Here are some pictures of it all flowing together.

I also have snowflakes hanging from the ceiling using fishing line.

 Front entrance

Here are our wreaths from the last 2 years. We will put up the one that we make this year on the left and this area will be complete :)
I will update with pictures of other ideas I come up with!!



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  1. It looks so pretty! I love how you decorate your house.